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We've setup a fully operational installation of Stockor populated with demo data. The install contains a customer and vendor with code STOCKOR that our demo system performs updates on every minute. When loaded, those records will demonstrate Stockor's live updates as the screen updates to reflect the server's state.

Got it, take me to the demo at

We've configured an automated deployment script for Heroku that will download the latest version of Stockor and install it on a free heroku instance. After clicking the link below you'll be taken to Heroku's website where you'll be guided through the process of setting up a free account (if needed), and installing Stockor. Once the install is completed, there will be a single user "admin" with password "password" created.

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Stockor includes:

Time Tracking: Log hours worked on a per-project basis, then convert the entries into invoices. Projects can be billed by the hour or other interval (weekly, monthly, etc). Professionally designed forms are included that generate invoices with labor and expenses lines subtotaled by section. Time entries and invoices can be imported from FreshBooks.

Inventory management: Is tracked by location and bought and sold by multiple units of measure. When SalesOrders are created, inventory is allocated to the order and cannot be used When order is invoiced, the allocation is removed and inventory is removed from the location, with the appropriate General Ledger accounts being credited/debited.

Expense tracking: Payments processed against vendors or credited towards GL accounts. Checks can be printed using either pre-printed forms or with account/routing numbers using magnetic toner.

OpenSource: Source code is freely available, and there is a defined extension format to allow easy customization. User interface is implemented with the popular React and Bootstrap libraries.

Want to know more?

Stockor is an extraction of software that Argosity has used for several years to manage it's business. It's currently mostly complete but some features are a work in progress. Planned future features are:

Want to see one of these or other features happen faster? Do you have a suggestion for how Stockor could be improved? Contact Argosity or file a issue on Github. We'd love to chat!